To conclude the tenth year of the university theater festival titled “Tanghal”, Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts (XCCA) presented a Twin Bill Production of “Singanin: Plays of Aspirations” at the XU little Theater on November 26.

Singanin— the Meranao term for aspirations— was comprised of two plays titled “Nang Lumuha ang mga Tala sa Gitna ng Lawa” by Dr.Arthur Casanova and “Dula ta!” by Prof. Romeo Narvaez. Both plays aim to depict the difficulties suffered by Moro people who are victims of armed conflict in North Cotabato, Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, and Zamboanga. They plays were performed by The Xavier Stage cast members.

Set in the 70s, “Nang Lumuha Ang Mga Tala sa Gitna ng Lawa” showcased the moro people’s sufferings due to the conflict caused by Baracuda and Ilaga paramilitaries of politicians in the area. These paramilitaries serve the politicians’ personal interests, resulting in the displacement of numerous moro people from their communities.

Meanwhile, “Dula ta!” presented the contemporary conflict in Mindanao through the eyes of two children who have witnessed the chaos and carnage caused by war.

10th Tanghal University Theater Festival in Mindanao also presented Teatro Guindegan’s “Ang Tawo” and Pasundayag Community Arts’ “Pasundayag sa Sinaunang Baybayin” on November 26.

Report by Raffi Macaumbos

Photo courtesy of The Xavier Stage