Current dean of College of Arts and Sciences (ArtScies) Dr. Juliet Dalagan was confirmed as one of the 19 fellows that were accepted in the United Board Fellows (UBF) program on January 22. The UBF is a signature program of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia. It aims to refine skills of leaders to build a steady and strong higher education institution. It also aims to strengthen collaboration among Asian higher education institutions.

Photo by Nico Aquino

Photo by Nico Aquino

The UBF program is sponsored by the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia and has  participants from different Christian schools and universities across Asia. Dr. Dalagan’s recognition was officially announced through President Fr. Bobby Yap’s memorandum no. 1516-100 issued on April 13, which congratulated Dr. Dalagan for getting a spot in the UBF program.

The fellows were nominated by the head of their institutions after a thorough assessment of their credentials and qualifications. For this year’s process, nominees were encouraged to apply and answer five essay questions. Afterwards, the United Board shortlisted its fellows once an interview through Skype has been conducted with each applicant. From more than a hundred applicants, only 19 fellows were selected; four of which are from the Philippines. Moreover, Dr. Dalagan was the only one from Northern Mindanao.

The program’s core mission is to provide opportunities for participants to be exposed to new leadership concepts and practices and, in turn, form capable and well-versed administrative leaders through intensive trainings. The fellows will participate in a three-part intensive training that will bring the fellows to various schools across the world. Fellows will be at a summer institute at Boston College for three weeks, at an Asian higher education institution for two to four months, and in any Asian country for a week-long leadership seminar. For Dr. Dalagan, she will be assigned in Hongkong Baptist University (HKBU) for her Asian placement.

During the course of the program, Dr. Dalagan and the other fellows will be under the guidance of a mentor to provide leadership inputs, activities and feedback. They will also observe international higher education institutions’ systems and effective administrative procedures or techniques. Being a Chemistry teacher, Dr. Dalagan will further improve her knowledge in Chemistry during the program since her assigned mentor is the Chair of the Chemistry Department of HKBU, Professor Albert Lee.

“I think this would be an inspiration not only for me but for the other faculty members and administrators.” said Dr. Dalagan, who is keen to pass on whatever she gets from the fellow trainings as a contribution to the development of the University in the academic and administrative sense. “I think it is my responsibility to share whatever I gain in the program.”

Dr. Dalagan expects herself to be proactive and participative in the UBF program. “I would really like to learn how they handle things [such as] bolstering enrollment, curriculum development or leadership practices. Basically, [I would like] to observe at how they do things, their best practices, their systems, their programs that may be applicable to Xavier.”

Dr. Dalagan expects to be a full-time teacher and researcher under the Chemistry department once her term as an administrator ends.