For many years, students have been yearning for a better and more accountable Central Student Government (CSG). While some would argue that the preceding administration satisfied the XU community’s longing, an equally respectable number would say otherwise.

As the school year comes to a close, it is time to take a glimpse of the upcoming CSG president and what he has to offer.


After exposing himself on various political campaigns during this years’ Botar Atenista, Union of Students for the Advancement of Democracy in Xavier University (USAD-XU)’s Presidential bet Edison Lacea is XU’s newly elected CSG President for Academic Year 2016-2017, having amassed 2,062 out of the 3,626 votes casted this campus election season.

More than possessing the guts of a fighter, the third year Business Administration student is determined to bag his goals, stressing three main agendas for the next administration: “A CSG which is much more responsive to the needs of the student body, a CSG which is stronger in a sense that it will assure forth stronger student representation and hopefully also strong services, and a CSG which is also accountable.”

Ideals and deliverable

Lacea believes that one of the reasons why some students do not find an interest in student governance is because of a lack of means to meaningfully participate in the political process. Like people are being shut out [from the] government, things like that, and [that] they don’t know what’s going.

By making minutes of meetings and other CSG documents available to the public, he believes that students will be more involved in the planning process if they are armed with the information they needed to make smart decisions.

Furthermore, he hopes for a more visible government by expanding their services that have a more direct connection with the student body, such as the Tindahan ng CSG that would offer free printing and projector rentals if the budget allows for it. The Student Rights and Welfare (STRAW) department, responsible for defending students from any form of oppression, violence, and mistreatment, will be strengthened and be more visible as well.

Lastly, Lacea believes that student leaders will function more if an Ombudsman Bill will be passed. When in effect, the forthcoming law would not only indict negligent student leaders, but would also serve as an encouragement for them to go beyond what is required in their respective fields. This is one of Lacea’s specific outputs in terms of policy objectives which he hopes would be passed by the end of the academic year.


Having Caryl Dablio as his CSG vice president from the opposing party does not deter him from continuing his agenda. “Well in the end, who am I to question the will of the people? They elected Caryl and although I endorse JM (GABAY Vice-Presidential bet), of course I am very open to work with Ms. Dablio. And I’m looking forward to it?” says Lacea.

He leaves the assurance that his collaboration with Dablio would greatly benefit the XU community. Although admittedly, he shares that they disagree on matters such as the appointment of an Ombudsman, reforming the CSG Constitution, and providing financial support to campus political parties.


Being chosen as this year’s highest-ranking student leader, Lacea, a fighter with a dedicated character towards leadership, boldly takes on the stage to see his vision turned into reality. “For what it’s worth, whatever I said during the campaign, hold me accountable for everything,” he confidently states.