Paperless enrolment—soon

By Leasusana C. Ty
December 14, 2012, 11:08 am

This second semester, life will be much easier for students with the conception of  Student Lifecycle Management Information System (SLMIS).

According to Ms. Harriet Fernandez, Director of  the  Computing and Information Services Office (CISO), SLMIS is a computer-supported, browser-based system which manages the academic and non-academic activities of  the students. 

The system records and monitors the activities undergone by the student from recruitment, to graduation and even until their alumi years. This “womb-to-tomb” system covers not only the tertiary level but also the secondary and primary levels in Xavier University.

This specific highlight of  SLMIS is bound to be everyone’s favorite: online enrolment. With this system, it only takes a few clicks (and probably a few crash crises) to get you enrolled. Priority numbers and “green forms” will be a thing of  the past since checking grades, paying fees, and registering for classes will be done online.

CISO continues to work to make SLMIS as seamless and error-free as possible. Measures to avoid hacking and other malicious attempts are still under discussion. C

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