Cora in Office

By Cora Contrabida
March 1, 2012, 8:50 pm

For some reasons political candidates have a thing for acronyms. I’m thinking it could be effective as some sort of prep for finals. My sister used acronyms when she studied for her exams, and her results were always exceptional. Being the nonconformist that I am, I will not subscribe to stitching together random letters that lack chemistry in the beginning but are forced to make sense anyway. I’m going to spare you the technical mumbo jumbo of typical platforms. Save that for your Political Science finals.

Oh, did I mention? I’m running for CSG President, Vice-President, and every other position posting vacancies.

No, you didn’t just develop dyslexia or something. You read it right. I am running a marathon for love… of service.

First thing’s first. Let me address this issue on student apathy because one time in class, this guy behind me insisted there was some sort of apathy mania going on in what he calls “the system”. System my hind, he’s obviously referring to the school in general. I think otherwise. Why, the school is just overflowing with thought trains — scribblings on an old armchair aren’t even enough to convey them. Students do voice out, it’s just that the right outlet needs to be tapped to resound them. When I see a freedom wall, I stop for a brief moment to check the things you guys wrote, albeit some of your handwritings are too, err, complex, for mental consumption. Sometimes, though, I wonder if the people who put up those boards actually read it once they take it back down. There’s some good stuff in there. It’s just a matter of actually reading it considering whether you’d be thinking this apathy thing a taboo.

I have this story to tell regarding my late acceptance to Hogwarts. I basically gave up getting beta access to Pottermore just to finish this paper my teacher was being demanding about. I passed it on time like the good student that I am. Since I was convinced that that paper was a matter of life or death, I waited for the results. It never came. Our final grades came in late, too. I think it’s unfair how it’s okay for them to be late regarding a lot of things but they couldn’t spare us the same mercy. In addition, people who want to apply for a teaching job in XU should seriously go through some sort of filtering system. Why? Because I didn’t pay every bit of my parents’ blood and sweat just so some new grad from God-knows-where can show me his genuine expertise on downloading YouTube videos and show it in class like a pro. Yes, I honestly do care about my education—and I care about yours too. I don’t think we deserve teachers with “citations needed”.

Maybe I’m just too used to STC302 as my ultimate home, but the second floor of the STC is just downright creepy sometimes. I couldn’t imagine myself knocking on the door of one of the offices when the only thing likely to greet me is the sound of creaking doors and the breeze flipping through book pages. It’s hard to have a student government that promises to give you full services when you need it, anytime and anywhere, but it’s actually getting more difficult to reach them. But wait, I heard they got themselves a new crib. Congratulations on that, but I would’ve appreciated it though if they had a notice of sorts to tell me where to go when I had the slightest concern. I’d run to the freedom wall, but right now that doesn’t necessarily guarantee me anything, huh?

More than anything, instead of just sitting cozy and writing articles like a boss I want to do something more with what I can do. I actually want to be the change and at the same time inspire change. No, wait. I think I already have. C

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