Memo: The Crusader Collaborative Fund

November 25, 2010, 4:00 pm

TO: The Publishers, Student Organizations


I am pleased to inform you that in line with The Crusader's agenda to celebrate its 75th anniversary as a more proactive and engaging student press, the Editorial Board has agreed to allot Php20,000 in sponsorships to student activities especially during the Xavier Days. Organizations in need of financial backing may file an Application for Sponsorship at StC302 starting Nov. 23, 1PM, next week.

Size of sponsorship per organization may vary according to (1) the expected number of participants, (2) impact, and (3) relevance of the program. Approval thereof will remain at the the discretion of the The Crusader Collaborative Fund Committee.

A circular specifying the details of the fund will be issued to extra-curricular organizations and College Councils on Nov. 22 or 23 to officially encourage requests for grants. Likewise, copies will be specified to all course-specific organizations under the College Councils.

The Crusader looks forward to a more pronounced engagement of student activities for the Second Semester to better publisher-press relations and innovate its place in the student community. We are pleased to provide assistance and recognition where and to whom it is most deserving.


Glenn Paolo A. Goopio

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