18th Directorate: The convener’s cut

By Dean Cris M. Acabo
April 20, 2012, 4:44 am

Good day Ateneans!

After the buzz of elections, maybe you have heard of the XU-CSG and its 25% and up advocacy for the past February season. But what is really that about? Especially the body called “The Directorate”?


Definition of XU-CSG

“The XU – Central Student Government (XU-CSG) shall be the highest seat of student governance of Xavier University. Its officers shall represent its constituents in all university bodies and other association, both within and outside of the campus, which directly affect the students’ welfare and interests.” –Section I, Article III of 2005 CSG Constitution.

From its purest thought, it is formed to represent and serve the whole body of roughly 10,500 students of Xavier University. But the very large scope made it form the three body system of governance: executive (do the law), legislative (make the law), and judiciary (interpret the law).

For this article, we will go through the second body, the legislative or sometimes known as The Directorate.

By Section 3 of Article VI (Executive Department), the executive body shall be the highest policy making body of the organization. Thus as the legislature, the Directorate will be the highest law making body of the organization by virtue of Section 1 of Article VII (Legislative Department) of the 2005 XU-CSG Constitution. It will also be a body that would check if your P45.00 was allocated appropriately.

This will mean that policy-making is not the job of the Directorate, because it creates laws not policies. Also, its constituents are people who share both executive and legislative powers. It will be composed of College Council Presidents and representatives of various student sectors, with the CSG Vice President as the body’s convener.

From the technical words and interpretations, let us now proceed to what really happened this year on this legislative body.


The plan (SIPI)

“Scientific, Inclusive, Progressive, Intentional” –Acabo, 2011

This was the four words that comprised my plan for the said body. It was the platform that I have shared to people during the 2011 Campus Elections, let us objectively see and rate.

In the span of roughly ten (10) months, the 18th Directorate was able to conduct twelve (12) sessions dating from April 2, 2011 to January 21, 2012. These sessions consisted of different agenda which answers most of our function as a body (then I will site some). I would consider this as a very great accomplishment considering my statement of the council presidents as very busy leaders and the major disruption of our GPOA due to the unfortunate event of Bagyong Sendong.

Another power of the 18th Directorate is the appropriation and adjustment of funds to the executive department by virtue of Section 3.4 of Article VII of the 2005 XU-CSG Constitution. A concrete example of this ideal translated into reality is the budget for 2012 Election. The Electoral Commission proposed an initial budget of P66,547.00 to the government. This is higher to the mandated appropriation by the Constitution of 5% (approx. P50,000). Thus, the discrepancy of figures was then deliberated by the Directorate. After the session, it was officially declared that the new budget for the 2012 Election will be P54,127.00 which now becomes more reasonable and nearer to the mandated amount. In this case, the 18th Directorate has been successful in protecting the welfare and rights of students by being a good steward of the money bestowed to the government.

Furthermore, let us trail the body’s law making records and accomplishments.

The 18th Directorate was able to pass three (3) Bills namely,

• Enactment 001-1112 (An Act calling for the Creation of the Computer Studies Student Council)

• Enactment 002-1112 (An Act creating the Information and Promotion Directorship in the Directorate)

• Enactment 003-1112 (Judiciary Reorganization Act of 2011)

These are now eligible laws, mandating its power and provision to the government. In this note, I would like to add the other substantial outputs from the twelve sessions of the 18th Directorate.

Conceptualization of the LAGDA Program (A Comprehensive Training for the Legislative Body)

• The Drafting of an Act for the Creation of the House of Representatives by the Director of Political Affairs

• Three (3) Resolutions Drafted by our Director of Academic Affairs

• The drafting of the Amendment of the 1996 Local Government Code

• The Creation of the 18th Directorate Video

• Realizing the Legislative Seminar dated April 17, 2011

• Conceptualization of the University Wide Legislative Seminar

Bottomline: It may not the best year for us because of challenges and calamities, but the Directorate did its best to deliver its promise; to give you a SIPI Legislature.


The hope and words for the 19th directorate

We are not a perfect Directorate, but just like a seed making its way to become a tree is this body. I am hopeful that with Jared’s leadership, things will get a lot better.

In sum, everyone has a capacity to serve but what counts is not the number, it’s the passion and love you put in to it.


In pursuit of service,

DEAN CRIS M. ACABO Outgoing, 18th Directorate Convener

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