The Crusader Publication


The Crusader is the official student publication of Xavier University, Ateneo de Cagayan. Since its founding in 1935, The Crusader serves to disseminate news and information about significant goings within and outside the walls of Xavier in the hope of inspiring judgment and action among its readers. It lives to inform students about their rights and responsibilities as members of the community. It is a medium where ideas are continuously created and exchanged to create discourse, and at the same time provide entertainment.

As a publication in CdeO, The Crusader encourages its readers to become active participants in educational and cultural development. It represents the issues that shape and enrich not just Xavier’s history, but the whole of Cagayan de Oro. It inspires the exercise of free and responsible student journalism, where talents are developed for a better service.

Publishing and nature

The Crusader publishes at least twice per semester, each issue complete with an Editorial, Column, News, Feature, and Entertainment section. The publication operates independently per article stated in RA 7079. What it ought to write cannot be influenced or interfered by the campus administration or other school organizations.

The Crusader delivers nothing less than the truth in the service of others and for the greater glory of God.

Current Members
Subscribing students of Xavier University
Editor-in-chief: Princess E. Tolentino
Associate Editor: John Kenneth E. Ching
Design Editor: Rico M. Magallona
Managing Editor: Sam D. Garcia
News Editor: Louren B. Aranas (Interim)
Campus Features Editor: Nadine Hendrikka E. Legaspi
Local Features Editor: Nadine Hendrikka E. Legaspi
National Features Editor: Saharah Iman M. Alonto
Global Features Editor: Kevin Paul P. Mabul (Interim)
Sports Editor: Robert A. Villaluz Jr.
Layout Editor: Francis Ryan O. Avellana (Interim)
Photography Editor: Haiko B. Magtrayo (Interim)
Freehand Editor: Alexes June E. Baslot
Finance Officers
Senior Finance Officer: Caroline Joy R. Go
Junior Finance Officer: Rochelle D. Barros
Office Manager: Christian Loui S. Gamolo
Human Resource Manager: Saharah Iman M. Alonto
Computer Systems & OAM: Janrick Carl Romales
Circulation Managers: Jenamae G. Espineli, Jaymar T. Patana
CruTV Manager: Ma. Kristin Victoria Z. Abesamis
Staff Writers
  • Johnray S. Asinero
  • Nikko Lance Galarrita (Trainee)
  • Caroline Joy R. Go
  • Nitzschia Cassiopiea A. Lozarita (Trainee)
Staff Artists
  • Ben Clark B. Balase (Trainee)
  • Rochelle D. Barros (Layout Artist)
  • Princess R. Darimbang (Trainee)
  • Jenamae G. Espineli (Freehand Artist)
  • Arnel Jade A. Evangelista (Trainee)
  • Christian Loui S. Gamolo (Freehand Artist)
  • Venice Marie P. Villo (Photojournalist)
  • Alvin Paul R. Yao (Photojournalist)
Ann Catherine Ticao-Acenas